Wait, what do you mean it’s over??

Reflecting. It’s not something that I usually do, however I have found myself learning how to reflect more and more since beginning university, and especially since after taking English 109. I’ve reflected on my term, my university experience as a whole so far, and how my writing style has changed and improved in the small time of three months that we have been together as a class.

First of all, this was a huge lifestyle change for me. I was used to living at home, nannying every morning, going to high school part time (in my fifth year), and working full time as a bartender/server. My workload from school was low as I was only in a peer tutoring course and a music band course. Most of my energy went into the busy nights at work when I had countless drinks to make and serve

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I would come home at around 1 am, and wake up at 6 am, ready to head out to nanny for a few hours before walking an hour and a half to get to my high school. This was my everyday routine, for the most part. University has been quite different. I live at Conrad Grebel now (LOVE it). I’m still bartending, however I’m down to one shift a week, giving me plenty of other time to complete homework assignments. This has been working perfectly for me and I’m so glad to have found a routine that works for me so quickly. The workload is a lot heavier, something that I was scared of coming into my first year. I wasn’t sure how I would balance everything as it had been a year since I was used to having hours of homework to complete. Knowing that I might struggle with this, I took to my planner, putting all my trust in having it open on my desk at all time. And man, did it ever work! I surprised myself by being able to avoid procrastinating (for the most part!) and find the time for working, practising and having some time for myself as well.

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But let’s get to the point. How has my writing style changed? Coming into university, I knew that an English course would be very different from the English courses that I had taken in high school. None of them taught me how to cite properly or do research, and this frightening me. I felt like I was coming in blind. However, with the help of Zach the librarian and a trustworthy professor, I feel like I can now cite in APA format without being scared out of my mind of it, and can navigate my way around scopus to find reliable sources for a research paper.

So, what would I say to students entering their 1A term? I would tell them to work hard and manage their time properly with the help of a planner. I would tell them not to be scared of their professors; they’re truly there to help you. But most important, I would tell them that university isn’t supposed to be the hardest time of your life. You will probably get insanely stressed at some points and feel like you just can’t go any further, but take a deep breath, do some yoga or go for a walk, because in the end it’ll be just fine and you’ll get through it. University is supposed to be the best time of your life – make it that way!