So, this is the end. The big finish. The last salvo. Another analogy for the end. Is it a big deal? Well, I’d say so. If you disagree, sorry, but this is my blog post so your opinion does not affect mine.

This is huge. With one semester gone I can certifiably say that I have somewhat accomplished something. Whether it be my development of a writing style, or figuring out how to get enough quarters for laundry, I sure have come a long way since the end of high school. I can’t say I am proud of everything I have done since coming to university, but I sure can say I have learnt a lot.

Something that really surprised me about my writing is that it does, in fact, have a personal style. I had no idea that my sense of voice could be heard as I heard it myself, until I could write the blog posts. It takes a lot of practice and understanding to achieve this complete connection between, writing properly and maintaining a certain sense of personality. This is something that I could not seem to achieve in high school. Looking back, I am so glad I came from high school English with a mark in the 90’s, but this did not mean anything other than that I can follow instructions well. University has taught me to be myself; to write in a way that represents my own values and opinions. I have regained the passion I have for writing that I lost in high school through this semester, and for that I am so grateful.


Now let’s get serious; I have done my fair share of learning this semester. I’m not talking solely about rhetorical devices, or the philosophical teachings of Immanuel Kant. I’m talking about life lessons here, folks. (Wow I have never used the words “folks” in my life- University has changed me). I have learnt that I am not in fact a super hero; I cannot put together a reasonably good philosophy paper the night before the due date. I learnt this the hard way for sure. No, I don’t want to talk about it.

I have come a long way in procrastination. For example, I am currently writing this blog post while jamming to Ariana Grande Christmas songs- IN THE AFTERNOON. THIS ISN’T DUE FOR ANOTHER 12 HOURS BUT I AM DOING IT NOW. Look at me go. Gold stars for progress. Wow I need friends; I praise myself too often on my own. But in all honesty, I can see myself changing my motto from “Due today, DO today” (I want to cite this so badly but I have no idea who said it, trust me I looked) to “Maybe try to do it a day or two before its due instead”. Less catchy, but really a better idea.

A huge question that I would like to ask myself, however, is this; why, oh why, do I simply not care anymore. I could show up to my psychology exam, having read the notes maybe once or twice, and not be worried about how badly I knew I was going to do. If this was high school me, I’d probably be in tears, shaking like crazy, so worried that I could potentially get a 60% on something for the first time in my life. But University me simply could not care less. Maybe it’s the fact that the only pressure is now coming from myself, and not an external force anymore. High school was cut-throat- survival- of-the-fittest-everyone-is-your-competition every single day. We were taught to question our friends and compare marks. We were told that if we did not do the best, we would not make it to University. Although a little pressure goes a long way, this sure was a stressful time for the low self esteem teen that I was. Coming to University, the only pressure I have is the pressure I choose to put on myself. I would like to work on my motivation, or work on trying to care when I feel as though I do not want to.

If I could explain one thing to a student coming into University for the first time it would be this: manage your time. Make friends, but friends that want to study sometimes too. Go to bed at a reasonable time- it doesn’t always have to be a party night. Be kind to others, but be kind to yourself too. Do. Not. Wait. Until. 3 a.m. To. Start. That. Sociology. Paper.  If you still don’t understand what logos is, please just ask- its not that hard. Talk to your mom. Be proud of every day you get through. And most of all; don’t be afraid to be yourself.

Most importantly, of course, go to your English class. Peer editing is the best and most valuable tool you could have under your belt. Don’t be worried about how bad you think your writing is, because its likely pretty great. Ask lots of questions in this class; it will help you so much in other classes too. This is about all the wise words I have, being completely honest. But they are what have gotten me through the semester.

I started this post talking about how this is the end, but the truth is this is really a beginning. A kick start to my academic career. The first step in my marathon to get through University. It is scary to think that a semester is over, but it is so exciting to look back and see how much I have grown. I have never been more satisfied with who I am, the values I have, and the people that I surround myself with. This is not only where I am, but where I am meant to be. Let’s not get to emotional about it though.

Thanks for reading, I hope you have the happiest of holidays and a successful second semester.