Alas, here we are on the last few days of our 1A term of University. I feel bewildered to be frank, and I am in awe of myself and my fellow classmates for our growth. The most mundane things that were bewildering to us in September are now second nature today! My term went well I believe, and I’m shocked about many things but here are my top 10 list of shockers:

1) I can pull all nighters just watching Netflix -time flies in the Netflix universe! I have watched a season of friends in 1 night (procrastination was involved)

2) Writing assignments last minute can sometimes work. I would not recommend it, but I can get a solid 75% which is more than I thought I was capable of.

3) You can have 30 girls share a bathroom and not kill one another. The stereotypical fight for mirror space does happen though, it is super amusing!

4) I CAN ACTUALLY WRITE….AND WELL(ISH) TOO! *gasps* I never thought I would say that but I feel after this semester I’ve enhanced my writing abilities.

5) I haven’t been really stressed out or reached a breaking point (yet). Meltdowns are quite common it seems, I’m proud of myself for being able to get support and help when needed.

6) Pizza is a common breakfast- it is breakfast of the champions according to some varsity rugby players!

7) I love Classical studies more than I thought I would (I think a Major change might happen)

8) I can ask questions in class without dying- professors aren’t scary! They’re actually just people like you and I, just with a bit more knowledge than we do currently!

9)The amount of writing I’ve done is minimal (I think I wrote more in my final semester of high school than this semester)

10) Readings… there are lots of them.

Some advice I would give future 1A students would be pretty cliché I think. What I would recommend for students above all else is to be themselves. This time is meant for self growth and discovery- no one cares who you were in high school so take this time to just explore yourself.  You’re great, I know it!  A final recommendation is to get sleep. I did not get nearly enough sleep to function most days and it takes a toll on you.

Some academic advice I would give is for students to utilize the academic supports that are on campus. There are actually departments devoted to just writing and editing (if that isn’t a hint to use it, I don’t know what is!)  I would recommend checking out all of the resources at the Library, Accessibility Services, Writing Centres.. they’re there for a reason and it is a shame if they go unused. I’d also recommend using a daytimer to plan out writing sessions and homework times- it makes life so much easier when you stick to a plan once you make it! Finally, I’d recommend for future students to remember that there can be a grade drop, and don’t expect perfection from yourself, classmates or professors. I’ve idealized my University experience for years and was shocked or disappointed with some aspects. I reminded myself that it is difficult to maintain that A average and don’t be disappointed if it doesn’t happen right away- you’re just learning how to be a University student!

My last recommendation to any future students is to be happy and do whatever makes you happy! This is your life and it is what you make of it. So “you do you girl” and have an amazing experience!


P.S: I’m so happy to have been a part of this class with everyone, each person is great and intelligent in their own way. I wish each and every person the best of luck with their future – its bright!