Post Three Guidelines (due December 5 before midnight)

  1. How did your term go? What were you most surprised by (particularly in terms of writing, but not exclusively so).
  2. What advice would you give first year students now that you are about to enter your 1B term or continue your 1A? What writing advice would you give them?


Side note: Pretty much everything in this post regarding our class I was supposed to say in my presentation but kind of panicked and forgot too… oops


Overall, my term went fairly well. I found that my biggest issue was time management, I was constantly finishing assignments last minute and after I started my job, had to ask for multiple extensions.


Regarding Eng 109, not only my writing skills improved, but the course also helped me in other ways as well. Like I said in my presentation earlier today, my grammar improved juristically. Along with this, learning how to use Scopus and that my procrastination is part of the “thinking process” were helpful as well. What I forgot to mention specifically was how the class helped me rediscover how much I liked poetry. In my personal narrative, I mentioned how when I was younger I used to love poetry but I gave it up because those around me made me feel stupid/childish for writing it. I ended up getting comments back from Sara and a few peer editors that basically outlined how there’s nothing wrong with liking poetry and it made me realize that it’s something I want to pick up again, which is probably good since I’ve been told that I’m a romantic. So, I now spend hours “procrastinating” by watching spoken word poetry and have a few ideas for my own poems as well, just haven’t had the time to try and get them on paper yet. Overall English was a fantastic class and was probably the first time I enjoyed an English class in years.


The two biggest pieces of advice I would give to first year students are work on your time management ASAP, it was definitely my biggest issue of the term and as scary and horrible as high school English was for you, go into Eng 109 with an open mind, the profs don’t bite and surprisingly, you may actually enjoy it as much as I did.