I think I’m really lucky to have my term go the way it did- not gonna lie, I got off easy. With only one exam out of five classes, I took a sigh of relief. I think it bit me in the arse though when I had to write (and still write) three final annoying papers. But the courseloads seemed manageable, I wasn’t stressed too often and I never submitted anything late! Grade 12 me overhyped (in a bad way) first year-university to shit and I’m glad that wasn’t the case. I think it’s good that I can finish this term on a really good note, enjoy Christmas break and return to school without a hanging head.

Looking back on these past three months, I was a little surprised to realize that first-year writing was hardly different to how I approached writing in grade 12. My writing style and voice have remained the same- I would say the only thing that’s changed is how I go about researching and citing (thanks to Scopus and Owl). But I must say, citations in university suck! In high school I always took it easy with MLA and even got away with errors that professors would probably scream over, but unfortunately, this term I had to make sure every bloody citation was perfect in every bloody way ;-; It turned me into a temporary perfectionist (which was not a nice phase) but I feel like I’ve memorized every page on Purdue about APA at this point. Another thing that caught me off guard was the length of essays in my literary studies class! I mean, wow, he wanted a max of 1,100 words- praise be to God. And I only had to write 2, which took a decent load off my back.

I doubt I was the only one to overhype university, I’m sure there’s plenty of people who were and are in the same boat. My primary piece of advice would be to simply relax! The transition between high school and university is a smooth one, especially smoothed out by O Week. I remember I was under the impression that I was going to be bombarded with everything in the first week or so, but nope, everything came in due time. Along with relaxing, you should also be planning, maybe do both at the same time. Planning out your schedule for the term, month, or even day keeps yourself in check and oriented in the busy world that we are now getting used to. It’s a literal lifesaver.

When it comes to writing advice, I would recommend being open to new things- though you may not like something here or there it’s likely you’re gonna have to do it, so why not embrace it beforehand? It won’t be a good idea to stubbornly write university papers like highschool ones- they’re both on separate levels that have to be treated accordingly. Even so, writing papers in university isn’t all that bad!