December 4th, 2016. End of the year, beginning of Christmas, and most importantly, finals. Finals, finals, finals. This shouldn’t be anything new; high school was pretty much the same. Cramming for those last minute exams and trying to make something out of a crappy toothpick model of the moon. But the reality is that things are a lot harder in university, and not keeping up with the work can be really bad for you in the long term.

Hell, I’m not ready for finals, and certainly not ready for the new term. Truth be told, it never did hit me that I’m finally a university student. I didn’t have a moment of shock or slight terror, I didn’t cry, I didn’t freak out at all. I just…accepted it before it even happened and moved on. Even when things became stressful (*coughcoughmidterms*) I still didn’t let the shock of university life get to me. How strange, considering how much it sounds like I have my life together. I just sound like I’m complaining a little because let’s be honest; who would ever really be excited to do a final exam that pretty much dictates their mark for the course?

But the reality is I can’t handle university life. I may try to go to all my classes and be “diligent” about work, but the truth is I can’t deal with all the readings and the new time schedule and trying to have fun but there’s a final report due Monday that I haven’t even started on. There is so much to look back on for this term alone and there is so much I regret.

For one thing, I really struggled with keeping up with classes. “This reading is due for this day”, “This reading is due for that day”. It was just readings after readings, and I never learned from any of my late night experiences with psychology textbooks nor from my last second cramming sessions with sociology. Hundreds of pages and stupid past me thought, “Oh, I have time. Do it tomorrow.” What a fool I was.


To add to reading stress, there was paper after project after paper after project and sometimes at the same time. Was this much work even legal? Wouldn’t this be considered overworking????? Please, this is enough I’m dying here. I just want some time to sleep and cry to Adele music, is that too much to ask?


If I could I would seriously go back and smack past me in the face. Like, “please get your crude together, you are going to regret it so badly when finals happen.” Look at me now, past self. Look at my suffering and my 5 am late nights trying to drown myself in coffee and finish a final paper. Are you feeling it now, Mr. Krabs?


Advice for next term? Stay ahead of your classes. Read the entire textbook in one sitting, do your work, don’t listen to your past self. Do not. And I swear. Do NOT. WAIT. LAST. MINUTE.