Hi Everyone – here is a list of stuff you can do in the face of a Trump election and also a Canadian battle for leader of the PC party. One of the candidates said that we should share Trump’s values here. These values seem in opposition to the values we hold dear at SJU.

1) Don’t be sad — be active.

2) Speak out. Never stop speaking out. Speak truth to power. Tell everyone you speak with that what happened in this election was wrong. Don’t disappear. Don’t be silenced. Speak the truth more loudly than ever.

3) Educate yourselves. Educate others.

4) Protect people of color. Protect immigrants. Protect women. Protect the LGBTQIA community. Protect people with disabilities. Protect Jewish people. Protect Muslims. Protect veterans. If you see abuse, speak out. Do whatever you can to stop it. Do not be complicit. Do not be afraid.

5) Vote. Mobilize the vote.

6) Join radical feminist groups, in person and online.

7) Have your children who identify as female take classes in physical self-defense, violence prevention, and domestic abuse prevention.

8) Teach your children to be feminists.

9) Make friends with people of other races, religions, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and economic statuses.
10) Join anti-racism movements such as Black Lives Matter.

13) Never stop working for change. Never stop speaking out. Never be silenced. Never be afraid.

14) Repeat as necessary until facism is vanquished.