The hard thing about writing is that there are so many different types. There are essays, reports, reflections, and debates. There are still much more than this, but these are the few that are being brought up in my other classes. It is hard to master one type when there are so many different ones expected of us to know. Professors will update their 13d3376620618467622315b18eca0183assignments on LEARN reminding us that we have this essay due and that research paper due, but are we masters at these writing styles? Most of us aren’t. In legal studies we are expected to write research papers, while in sociology we write essays, debates, and reflections. My psychhigh-expectations-icon-366x450ology class and Spanish class don’t have any writing assignments, but I have enough in just those other two classes to keep me busy. Legal studies and sociology (other than English) are the two classes with major writing assignments. I am the type of person who would rather write a paper than write an exam, but even though this is the case, I still get frustrated with these different styles of writing. Research papers are my least favourite writing style. I have difficulty finding useful statistics and facts to support my arguments. In the case I actually find appropriate evidence, I then get stumped with sourcing the information used in the paper. The same goes with debates. I find it hard to find evidence to try to prove the point I am making. I understand the point I am trying to make, but it’s just hard to pick out the evidence as to why I believe what I do. I don’t mind writing however. Like I said before, I would rather do that than study for a midterm, but I still find some types of writing confusing and overall frustrating.


Through my many different writing experiences, I have learned that I personally need to manage my time better and ensure that I have a quiet space where I can sit quietly and focus on my writing. I have also learned that drawing out a mind map or a scribble page to jot down all my ideas helps me to visualize my paper and to be organized when it comes to starting to write it. Having everything in front of me helps the flow of my paper because I know exactly what points I


want to make and what I want my overall idea to be. All of these different writing experiences have exposed me to so many different types of writing. I think this is good, not only for the rest of University, but in the workplace. I will be knowledgeable in many types of writing and that will hopefully give me a good head start.

In my courses I hope to do a visual writing assignment, such as a seminar, because I believe this type of assignment is interesting for everyone. For the visual learners and the people who like to write, a seminar is an assignment that everyone can agree on. It is a mix of many different skills which creates something suitable and enjoyable for everyone. For me (like I have stated many times before) writing is not an easy process. I find it hard to focus on my point and find that I get side tracked quite a bit. Seminars for me are one of the few things I feel comfortable doing. This is why I hope to do a seminar somewhere down the road. Visually being able to see my writing allows me to see if I have stayed on track, and if not, to get back on it.

You have to work hard for things you want. Writing is something that takes a lot of work,
but once you have mastered it, it becomes an art.fdb4574ddecc2e4aebe0325ffa35f6fd