Almost three months into my second year of University, I’ve found it funny how quickly the time flies by during the first term. It seems like yesterday I was walking into the academic building in SJU heading to my first ENG109 class.The thought of writing finals in less than 6 weeks is absolutely frightening, but I know i’ll be able to handle it. I’m very grateful that I have some university experience from Laurentian University, so I’m not going into the exam season blind. Despite the many deadlines, assignments, tests and what not, it is so rewarding seeing all those hours of handwork pay off into good grades. Thankfully, I enjoy all my courses and they are challenging, but not to the extent that I am struggling with the work load (thank goodness!). Although I feel a little bit stressed out, I know that if I manage my time, ask for help when needed, and work hard everything will be fine.


Taking courses in two languages can be taxing on ones brain, but there are so many rewards inside and outside of the classroom and I constantly find myself thinking in a more analytical manner. This is an exceptionally useful skill for both my historical and language classes. For history I’m usually being asked to look at a historical event from the past in my own perspective and then draw significance from said event and relate it to the modern world. Thinking analytically lets me create connections from past events to current ones in our world. I’m a firm believer that we need to analyze the events from the past to make our future world a better place for all people. Even though my assignments and readings can be tedious and time consuming, I know that by doing my work I’m becoming a more well-rounded student and educated person.

For my language courses, I find the reading, writing, and speaking in French almost everyday has changed my thought process for the better. I now analyze the meaning of words and phrases, plus I translate sentences all the time, even in midst of a conversation with someone. Having two languages run throughout your brain at the same time is crazy, let me tell you. Sometimes I get headaches, but it’s nothing that a little coffee can’t fix.Yet the fact that I am able to switch back and forth and make connections in two different languages is amazing, it’s something to be proud of in my opinion. My skill set has improved immensely, and I have not struggled with my assignments at all (a very good thing!). I cannot be more grateful for being able to communicate in two languages, as it’s been so helpful with my academic studies and learning how to balance everything.

From being asked to write papers, editorials, reflections and so on in two languages, I’m looking forward to working hard in all my classes and learn about the things I’m passionate about in a greater depth. I’m grateful that I have the chance to be educated at the University level by such passionate, friendly and well-articulated professors. I’m most definitely looking forward for what’s to come.