It’s hard to believe that I’m already two months in my fist year at university. It feels like just yesterday I was finishing my final year of high school, and couldn’t wait until graduation. Thankfully I’ve had a great first half to the semester and have really enjoyed the change of atmosphere as well as the different learning styles, that university has to offer.

To this point I have found that there is a distinct difference between the types of assignments that are assigned in high school compared to university. In high school I found that I had lots of small “time-consuming” assignment, where as in university I have fewer assignments, which are longer and worth a larger percent of my overall grade. As for the type of assignments I have been asked to preform in university, almost all of them have been essays. May the topic be about my philosophical point of view or my favourite book, I can’t seem to get away from writing essays. Although on a positive note I have noticed that essay writing is ironically less strict in university, as there is less stress put on the structure of the paper, and more on the overall content of the paper. Where as high school the structure of the essay made the difference between passing or failing the assignment. For me I much prefer this as it is a more relaxed way of writing, as it allows me to focus less on the formatting of the writing and more on the overall message, making the act of writing an essay much more relaxed and enjoyable.


Personally I feel as though I have learned several useful skills over the semester, especially in regards to essay writing. The first being that the point of writing is to share an opinion or message to your readers, whether this takes three paragraphs to share or six, it doesn’t matter, as long as the message is conveyed effectively. Another skill I have learned was through writing my personal narrative essay in English class. While writing the paper I had to learn how to formulate and analyze my thoughts, then transfer them into a format that is easy to read and connect with. This is an important skill that I cannot bring forth in both the school and work environment.

writing pic 3.jpg

Moving forward to the second half of the semester there are some things that I am looking forward to doing. In philosophy I am looking forward to our ethical debate, as I am an individual who loves to debate a subject when I have a strong opinion. As for English class, I look forward to learning more skills that I can bring forth to better my academic writing, as well as simply improving my writing abilities, which is a skill that comes with practice. It seems that I will have plenty of time to practice my writing abilities with the many essays that await me in the future.

The first part of the term was filled with many surprises, sleepless nights, multiple choice tests and lots and lots of essays, I expect not much to change for the second half. Although one things for sure, I will grow as a academic writer, gaining valuable skills which can be implemented through my university career as well as in the work place.