Time and time again I told myself that I’d be okay in university, that I’d be able to keep a schedule and be on top of my classes. But it’s barely been two weeks and I’ve found myself oversleeping and then not sleeping for days just because I have no one to regulate me. Even worse, I try to do work but just living in the same place I find it easy to just get distracted. There’s no line between home and school, it’s all the same so why not watch Netflix for 8 hours and then go to class? Who’s gonna stop me?


But the one thing I do try to keep ahead of would be all the projects. Thankfully, they all have to do with writing and that is one of my better qualifications as a university student. I mean, I’m pretty sure Legal Studies won’t be asking for a photographic series of crime vs. justice anytime soon anyways. But at least they’re asking for an essay on any law-related topic and that is literally my jam. I’m all about finding social-law related issues and ranting it out on paper; it’s practically like debating. And so far I’ve found it pretty interesting since I’ve managed to learn more about historical cases that helped shaped bits and pieces of our society as a whole. Like I’ve said before, I’ve always found the research part a lot more fun than the actually writing. But it’s university; they’re bound to ask for at least 8 pages as a minimum, right? More pages for my writing freedom.

The reality is though, other than ENGL, I haven’t really submitted anything yet so I can’t say much about gaining experience quite yet. A blog post in this class is sure as hell fun, but it doesn’t have to do with long essays yet so we’ll just have to wait and see about that. Even for Sociology it’s just a one page, double spaced discussion on the topic of that class and even then it really isn’t much to be considered fun or helpful. I really do need to find a class that sparks a love for essays once more, be it this one or another or even a class I take next term; it just needs to exist. Maybe it’ll be Legal Studies? Maybe Psychology? Who knows, honestly.


All the same I’m so glad to be in a class where I can find myself enjoying even a little bit of writing. The freedom I have to choose (within reasonable boundaries) is wonderful enough to bring tears to my eyes. Even with a bit of struggle I find myself excited about writing the rhetorical analysis since I’m able to relate to the topic of my speech. I really can’t wait to finish it and make it the best I possibly can, especially since I can now understand how it works. Despite being halfway into the term, I still think (or hope) there’s time to find love in essays once again. Hell, maybe it’ll help me work to regulate myself so I can actually use time to work on it instead of marathoning every horror movie available on Netflix at 4 am.