For this reflection I am supposed to share my current literary journey and surprisedly enough, writing based assignments are in all but one of my syllabi- in addition for English 109. For the one course I do have to write in is Sociology 101. To date, I have written 2 debates and 3 in class responses. None of these tasks are for marks, merely for participation marks- they are informal writing. It would be fair to say that none of my classmates appear to put much effort into these assignments – myself included. It is a guaranteed 100%, why should I much effort into it? I I find it difficult to complete these pieces because they often deal with subjects I have no interest in. I find this frustrating since aside this class I will have no practice experience in University Academic Writing, which is a skill which I will need for my future courses. My courses are primarily focused in the Arts faculty like History, Religion, Social Sciences and Speech Communication. The thought of being unprepared in future is unsettling, I often ask myself- will I be ready to write the required that level when that time comes? Can I handle all the writing rules? To alleviate some of my concerns I have gone to the Writing Centre in the Dana Porter Library to improve my skills. I can see myself using that service throughout my time here. Overall, I enjoy English and writing but not enough to make it my major. I think I will probably take some more English courses as electives such as; The Superhero (ENGL 108A), The Rebel (ENGL 108F), Science Fiction (ENGL 208B) or Studies in Children’s Literature (ENGL 208C) they all sound like interesting and fun courses to me! I like how English 109 challenges my writing abilities and how to evolve them to match my assignments. English 109 reminds me of my Grade 12 Data Management Math Course- it was difficult because I had to revise some my previous math skills and thought process to meet this new challenge. I didn’t get a great overall grade but I enjoyed the challenge of that course. I did earn the highest math grade I’ve every achieved which made it worth all the hard work. I plan on enjoying the challenge of this course but hope my overall grade will be better than my Data Management Mark!  I think it is a bit too soon in the semester to say I have gained many new skills but I have learned a few tips and tricks in this course, they’re transferable which makes them all the better! The one I find myself using the most is the “Editing with Orwell” 25% challenge, I find it helps prepositional phrases that are acting as fillers which helps my rhetoric more concise. Though, you wouldn’t be able to tell that from this blog!  I also learning how to use the course reserves properly as I found it confusing. I use it in very course so far it is a useful skill. I also found it extremely beneficial that we were taught  to use the library support systems such as subject specific dictionaries. I’m excited to be at the University of Waterloo and love all my courses with the exception of my confusing Sociology 101 class. I won’t have all the benefits of this course until the end of the semester. Unfortunately I wont have all the skills of this course will teach me until the end of the term. When Winter Semester rolls by my new professors will see the results of this course.stress