I was looking forward to starting university since I began high school. But when I was in high school, I wanted time to pass slowly, especially during my final year. My friends thought I was being unreasonable, wanting the stress and exhaustion to last longer than it should, but those were not the reasons I craved more time. Believe it or not, I wanted to read Watchmen by Alan Moore again, and analyze the ending for Death and the Maiden by Ariel Dorfman. I wanted to spend more time listening to my friends grumble about the workload. More time watching Friends on my bed. More time stargazing. I knew I could watch Friends from anywhere in the world, but it would not be the same feeling. Stars are in abundance, but the view from the bottom looking upwards will be different. I guess a part of my heart will always be in Mombasa. For this reason, I thought it would take me longer to settle in Waterloo. I love proving myself wrong.

Now that I am at the University of Waterloo, I miss my high school even more. Not because it’s all foreign here, but because it reminds me so much of the boarding school I went to. I am especially enjoying my two English classes. I am not saying this because one of my teachers has access to all these words and thoughts, but because I genuinely mean it. I feel at ease when I am contributing in class, rather than contemplating saying my answer because what if it’s incorrect or off-topic. I like listening to what the other students are saying, whether or not they agree with what I have said. Although, I do like it when they disagree because then I feel obliged to authenticate my opinion and why I believe what I believe. At other times, I have even switched sides simply because the other opinion makes more sense. English, you beauty. Thank you for being so versatile and flexible. I have always loved English because you cannot be wrong. How can you, when you are on your own platform?

Thus, the answer to my question is that I am comfortable. I am comfortable because I am in my habitat.