Saying that high school left me unprepared for post-secondary is an understatement. I was never a huge fan of English. This is because I have a hard time caring about a class that I am forced to take. Math, English, French, etc. as soon as a class is mandatory, I tend to lose all interest. This led to me making a horrible decision in high school, taking all the applied/college level classes. College level classes were great considering that you only had to show up to a quarter of the classes to do well, but, they left me in a bad situation when in Grade 12, I had to do a lot more to get what I needed to enter university. This included summer school, online courses, and negotiating with counsellors to skip every prerequisite possible.


Since I rarely went to class and did not try much when I was there, I missed out on learning a lot of the small things that a student should probably know by now. Believe it or not, I very rarely used the correct there’s or to’s when writing in college level classes and only taught myself to use the proper words last year. This was not because I didn’t know which word to use, I just didn’t care to spend the extra second using the correct word when I knew that the piece I was working on was good enough to get a passing grade. The one thing I still have to work on though, as you may have noticed, is punctuation. I tend to use commas everywhere and rarely use semi-colons, colons, etc.


One thing I absolutely despise is presentations. I once had a presentation where I had 10 minutes to make a thirty-second presentation about any topic I chose and although it seems like a simple task, as soon as I got to the front of the class, I forgot everything I was going to say and felt like I was going to faint. This was due to the teacher putting a lot of pressure on me though, and I haven’t had an experience like it since then but I still have a hard time with presentations. If I try to follow a script, I always end up skipping lines and if I try to do a presentation without a script, I usually forgot important details. That is why when my high school teachers told me that there was no presentations in post-secondary, I was extremely excited, but, turns out they lied…


In general, I tend to do poorly in writing assignments when I have to put a lot of creativity and/or my own voice into the writing, which is why I prefer essay writing. I have always found it a lot easier to do essays since its mainly just putting down information, whereas writing assignments like blog posts are a lot more difficult in time-consuming to me because I have to put a lot more thought into what I am writing. Now that I have made it to university, I am feeling extremely unprepared. I am hoping that this class will help better my understanding of academic writing and any other English skills I will need to do well in the next four years.