High School. Oh how it feels like a distant memory. All those pages of essays and writing I did, where did they end up? In the garbage, or possibly hidden away in a cardboard box at the back of an old classroom? Normally, I wouldn’t care much about where it all ended up. I can recall the very last days of school when teenagers would eagerly empty out their binders of paper in the trash can and I’d watch all that work float slowly down toward it’s dark and shameful destiny; the garbage. I could never do that though. It was far too painful. After all, words are everything. I’ve always loved writing. I wrote stories. Countless pages with words pulled and twisted from my imagination. I had my own little world buried deep in my mind and releasing it through a soft flow of words was like my own little drug. I’ll never forget that grade twelve writers craft class I took. I spent hours trying to perfect my work in hopes of receiving a grade I knew I was fully capable of. It wasn’t those English classes full of readings and essays that I enjoyed, no. It was those early eight a.m. mornings I would spend in that small confined desk with tea in hand, and my lap top in front of me. A piece of paper is like a wide open field full of endless space and possibility.


Oh the horror of an essay. The procrastination and the pain of writer’s block. I love all types of writing, even the dreaded essay, however, I never could quite get the hang of my structure. Point, proof, explanation. Point. Proof. Explanation. That’s where I lost marks. I knew structure was important but I never quite understood how one specific type of structure could be the only way to go about an essay. “You’ll never get away with that in University” I was told, and so, I spent my final year of high school in fear that I’d never be able to make it through university unless I got my structure perfect. Now, I feel confident and grateful that I spent so much time attempting to perfect my own structure. Writing is an art and I will always stay open to new learning experiences and ways to improve my work. I look forward to developing a stronger message through my writing. Any chance I get to let my words loose out into the world is something I will always look forward to, especially in this English class. I am extremely excited to share my work with others and let my voice be heard.


You see, it’s not often a teacher tells you to let your imagination run wild. They don’t let you write countless pages and multiple run on sentences. Structure is said to be what makes a piece of writing good. I personally believe that when it comes to writing, there is no real right or wrong way to do it. Sure, there’s a specific guideline we need to follow, but everyone’s style is their own unique way of telling a story through their own words. Although I now strongly believe that structure does hold a piece together, I still think that we should have a little more freedom in our styles of writing, but that’s just me. Isn’t it amazing how words can float out of your imagination and fizzle through your finger tips onto a hard or digital copy? It’s like taking a piece of your deeper self and releasing it out into the wild. So liberating.