Looking back on my high school English experience I can reflect on the aspects that I enjoyed as well as others that were challenging for me, but all of which led to my academic growth and allowed me to become the writer that I am today. Personally I find it surreal that my university career has finally begun and my future is quite literally at my figure tips. For me, university is my chance to finally learn what kind of writer I am and to hopefully turn writing into a passion rather than a task.

Over the course of my high school career I was taught several writing styles such as essay and research style papers. Personally, I found these writing styles forced upon me as they had such specific instructions, which blocked my creative writing process. I understand that these writing styles will be apart of my university experience, but with the right mind set and attitude I can succeed. I believe that the expectations for these activities will change in university. To start I predict that professors will expect more from my writing in how it is composed. They will expect there to be proper sentence structure, a clear theme and viewpoints. As for high school, where I found that my teachers got excited over the fact that we were handing something in, rather than the quality of the work. Also, I expect that in university my professors will be less lenient when it comes to citing my work and will expect it in the format of their choosing. Where as in high school my teachers were happy as long as I wrote my sources down.

High school was a time period where I found my love for learning and experimented with the aspects of writing that I enjoyed and also despised. English was a subject that I have grown a passion for as it is where I am able to formulate my opinions, thoughts, and perspectives while challenging other people’s views, in an academic setting. Although the part about my high school English class that I struggled with the most was feeling that some of the content was forced upon me, such as the amount of time we spent studying and writing about shaksephere. Unfortunately I found that this made the passionate act of writing feel forced and unenjoyably for me. I am an individual who writes best when I have strong opinions and views on a topic that I am interested in, thus leading to my dislike of Shakespearean writing. Intern I succeed in compare and contrast writing as well as blogs, letters and conversational writing because these forms are less formal and personally. Therefore I find them to be more interactive. They also allow me to focus less on the logistics of writing and more on my feelings and emotions towards the subject.

Over the next twelve weeks I hope to learn several applicable writing skills that I can apply in my future towards another class, a future job, and improving my academic writing skill set. To do this I intend on intensively studying the program, word press, as this is a vital skill that I hope to be able to bring forward in a job interview.

The last two weeks I have spent some time studying the class outline and planning out how I’m going to succeed in the course. In viewing the outline, I noticed two major differences between high school and university English. That being that there are fewer assignments, which are worth a larger percent. This puts added pressure on the success of the assignment, although I believe that with the support of my teachers and peers I will be able to grow as an academic writer and succeed in the course. As for an aspect of this course that excites me, it would most definitely be that our course is not designed to cover several different witting styles and is not based solely off the essay side. I believe that this will allow students to explore several writing styles and play with our strengths and weaknesses, growing as writers.

I’m looking forward to exploring this newfound creative freedom that university has given me, where I hope to expand my writing abilities and grow as an academic writer.