In highschool I really liked english class. I enjoyed reading new books I had never heard of before and I found it enlightening to learn how to write and get my voice out in the public. Even though I enjoyed English I must admit that I wasn’t the biggest fan of essay writing. The planner part of the project was my favourite since it would give me a chance to think about the novel we had read in class and how they all connect to one topic, there similarities. I love cracking the codes that stories have and the way they all connect. It was as if I was solving one big mystery and at the end when I had everything put together I felt a sort of satisfaction. It felt like I was getting to create my own story between the worlds of others and be a literary Sherlock Holmes! tumblr_inline_o6hf7pdn3c1rjic88_500Next came the part of the essay I disliked, the actual writing. Now don’t get me wrong I love writing but I prefer the creative side and putting a story together. In my last year of high school I took a creative writing course and I really appreciated the freedom and ability to go as broad or narrow as you wanted. The assignments had very minimal instructions besides an underlying theme and a specified length. I could really take my writing where I wanted it to go.giphy

With essay writing however it is more constricting. Every year we were taught how to write the same essay, regardless of if we had heard it two or three years previously.What’s the harm in learning it one more time right? The essay I was taught consisted of an introduction, three body paragraphs and a conclusion. In each body paragraph you use what I learned in middle school as APE, Answer, Prove, Explain. satwriting_f1

 Following  the format,I admit that I enjoyed explaining the mystery that I had figured out but felt like I wasn’t able to get my voice into it any more than that. Compared to creative writing I found it easier since I just had to follow the formula laid out. With creative you have to dig deeper,think of how everything is going to connect without a specific planner and it takes time. Both styles have challenges but ultimately I prefer the fulfillment that comes with creating an entire world and having a whole paper or assignment coming strictly from the heart. That was high school but I am starting University now and if I am being honest I have no clue what to expect for assignment writing.images

A  gist I am seeing is that writing is expected to be straight to the point, more academic writing than creative, typically the assignments are smaller in length than what I saw in high school since the Professors don’t want you spending hours on each individual assignments. Besides this I am going to have to see what else I can discover, do the best that I can and be ok with failing every once and awhile. Learning from your mistakes is a part of life. I know this list doesn’t seem very clear and isn’t very long  but that is becasue I don’t  fully understand university writing yet and am still trying to get my footing, but I am willing to learn. The Englsh 109 course that I am taking hopefully will be able to teach me the expectations for academic writing and I can use this knowledge in that course but others as well. what I would be hoping to learn specifically  is  a new form of academic writing. I have only ever done one (the typical essay) and am wanting to expand my horizons.Maybe these new style will open up a bit more space for personal voice and creativity in them! I will just have to wait and find out. One assignment that has me a bit nervous is the personal narrative. I have never written or read a narrative so right out of the gate I am behind on understanding the assignment but tied in is the fact that I don’t  believe I have had a literacy journey yet to write about in the first place. Regardless of this I am going to put my best foot forward and give it my all.Even if I fail I am creating a starting point that will allow me to grow in the future.grow-520x245 The reflection assignments will allow me to track this growth so I can always remember where I started compared to where I will end up in the future . These might be my favourite assignments of the course.