Writing isn’t something that has come naturally to me. The fact that two totally different pieces of writing could both meet the expectations is what I don’t understand. I am very rcjkopxziblack and white when it comes to subjects. I like subjects that follow structure and have answers that are either right or wrong. Writing to me, is like an enemy. I feel like my narrative writing hasn’t matured since elementary school. I don’t like having to come up with something from scratch that doesn’t follow much of a structure. This is when essays come into play.hamburger-writing_693407

Essays are pretty much the one type of writing that I feel I am good at. This is because it follows a structure! In grade ten, I learned an essay writing style that has follow me through high school and to this day. It was the hamburger method. My teacher drew a hamburger on the board with a top and bottom bun, being the introduction and the conclusion, and a patty and toppings in the middle being the body paragraphs. Finally, a type of writing that seemed to make sense to me. From that point on, I had found a style of writing that didn’t confuse me.

The first semester of grade twelve arrived and I was sitting in my homeroom – writers craft. I was sitting there thinking to myself, what have I gotten myself into? Weeks passed, and I had already handed in a few assignments. I felt like my work was crap and I 6i9rlhad just BSed all of them. Then I started to invest my time even more in the class, to discover that there actually are structured ways to write narratives, blog posts, and biographies. Even though I didn’t achieve the mark I had hoped for in that class, I walked out of that classroom a different person. A person who had finally had that ‘aha’ moment.

This is what I am hoping this writing course will do for me. I am hoping for some more ‘aha’ moments that will help me strive for my potential when it comes to writing. lightbulb-moment-final2I am hoping in class I will have a chance to write about myself because this, plus essays, is the type of writing I feel most comfortable doing. This being said, I also hope to learn new methods of writing that I haven’t even tried yet, because this is why I am here. To learn new things and not only to perfect what I know. I am hoping that this class will open my eyes to new things or ideas I never would have had if I weren’t in this class. Just because I don’t think I am good at writing doesn’t mean that I am bad at it. I have always put a lot of pressure on myself, so maybe this is an example of that.I want to be a teacher, but who knows, maybe this class will make me want to become an english teacher specifically, or perhaps even a writer in the newspaper. I am the type of person who wants to try new things, because if I don’t, then I have no idea of the possibilities that are out there for me.