There’s no doubt writing takes on a different shape once high school ends and university begins. In high school the base knowledge of different forms of writing are acquired- essay writing and research writing namely; in university one’s writing skills become honed. The way I was taught these two previously mentioned writing forms was very straightforward and methodical- given a packet of instructions for each, all I had to do was follow them step-by-step and my desired goal was in reach. There was really not much to question about, seeing as I usually felt like a horse with blinders when I used them. Even though this sounds rather dull, I liked it. I did, I know. I’m fond of structure and order, because chaos is literally the recipe for disaster. If there’s no basis to start off of, your writing could go in any direction and then spiral everywhere. I preferred to contain my writing in a general direction, which was beginning my first rough draft on paper, editing it with red pen, typing it up, editing that and then printing the final draft. That was my order, and luckily it worked out for all four years. All this being said, with university writing there is a different focus, which is me concentrating on expressing my ideas instead of perfecting my sentences and grammar. I, for one, enjoyed essay writing when it was on a piece of literature (my favorite was “Oliver Twist” for my Gr. 11 ISU). During research for one of my essays, I came across a quote from an author who said “reading without understand is like eating without digesting”. I feel like I digested works the most when I wrote a whole essay on them; it allowed me to finally understand the entirety of a work, from theme to symbolism to the author’s true intentions. Along with essay writing, I really enjoyed writing narratives too because I’ve always wished to write a novel and now that I’m close to being ready for one, narratives are like preparatory pieces for the final show (which is the book). On the other hand however, persuasive writing is my downfall, thanks to my Gr. 12 teacher who was so crap and boring it drained the enjoyment and interest out of that kind of writing. He made it seems so dreadful that I put off the persuasive essay and ended up getting a shit mark. But with this class, I have a fresh start. I’d like to maximize my writing potential rather than learn new content- it’s not like I’m wont to dismiss it, it’s just that enhancing my writing is more of a priority.

The only thing I’m somewhat concerned about in this course is the rhetorical analysis essay- like writing persuasively my Gr. 12 teacher ruined the art of rhetoric and because of this I also paid no attention to it and still know next to nothing about it. Conversely, I’m really looking forward to the personal narrative because who doesn’t enjoy writing about themselves? All in all, I feel that high school has mostly equipped me for university, four years of ingrained knowledge (eg. How to annotate poems/stories) on top of newer things (persuasive writing) has covered the wide umbrella of what we call “English class”. It has also given me ample time to hone time management with assignments and work as well acquiring the knowledge of how to understand works and reflecting on them (which are equally important). It’s safe to say preparation is definitely not an issue!